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🧑🏻‍💼 Are you a company that is looking for a Product Manager as a contractor?

With over a decade of experience in the Information Technology field, I have built a distinguished career working with clients across diverse industries, including financial services, healthcare, public security, and electronics.
Throughout my professional journey, I’ve honed my expertise in several key areas:
🔹 Project Management: I excel in orchestrating and managing projects, ensuring their successful completion within specified timelines and budgets.
🔹 Product Management: My experience extends to shaping and nurturing products that align with market needs and drive business growth.
🔹 Software Development: I possess a deep technical acumen, enabling me to oversee and optimize software development processes.


Empower your business with my diverse skill set! 📈
🔸 Create and Present Business Models with the Right Metrics: I specialize in crafting comprehensive and data-driven business models, ensuring you have a clear roadmap to success.
🔸 Company Strategy and Assets: I help shape your company’s strategy and leverage its assets for optimal growth and profitability.
🔸 Go-to-Market Strategy: I excel in developing effective go-to-market strategies that maximize your market penetration and impact.
🔸 Effective Communication with C-level Executives and Development Teams: I bridge the gap between leadership and development teams, ensuring seamless communication and alignment across all levels of your organization.
🔸 Adeptness at Dealing with Complexity: I thrive in complex environments, simplifying intricate challenges and guiding your business through them.
🔸 Keeping the Development Team Focused: I ensure that your development team remains focused and aligned with your business objectives, maximizing productivity.
🔸 Roadmapping: I create and maintain clear roadmaps that serve as invaluable guides for your organization’s journey to success.
With these skills, I’m ready to collaborate with you to transform your business, from strategic planning to effective execution. Let’s work together to achieve your business goals and drive sustainable growth. Contact me today!” 🚀💼


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    Products managed by me as PO of the bank enabling team

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    I currently serve as the sole point of contact for 7 departments.

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    Mobile APPs released in my free time 🚀

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    Startup - Failed 🥲

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    Swiss Individal Compay 🤩


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